Dear Members of the School Board:

High school students have always complained about the food in the cafeteria. As one of those high school students, I am glad that the Board is considering two different possibilities for the new high school cafeteria. One is to have a traditional cafeteria-style service. The other is to bring in a fast-food restaurant to run the cafeteria. Here is what I think about this question.

It's true that there have been lots of complaints about the cafeteria in the past, but that doesn't mean that a cafeteria service couldn't be good. Cafeteria style offers lots of choices, including many fresh foods. You can get soups, salads of all kinds, different kinds of sandwiches, and daily hot specials. Cafeterias like Luby's or Shoney's always have many kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits. And if you like sweet things, there are great desserts. There is no reason that a good school cafeteria can't do the same things. A menu like this would appeal to more students and it would be better for them. And it is well known that healthier students are better students. They have more energy and can concentrate better on their work.

Fast food on the other hand is very convenient. There aren't too many choices and everything is all prepared ahead of time, so you can get served quickly. Also, it tastes pretty good. It's the kind of food that most students like, and fast food places usually have enough things to choose from so that everybody can find something they like. One popular restaurant has grilled chicken sandwiches, fried fish, and salads, as well as burgers. Finally, it is probably cheaper for the school to run a fast food service because the menu never changes and there isn't a big choice of foods.

Although there are some good things about fast food, I don't think this kind of food service belongs in the high school. It would be better to have a well-run cafeteria that offers a variety of fresh foods. For one thing, you might not want to eat fast food every day of the week. Although you can get salads in most fast food places, the main part of the meal is usually greasy or fried. You can't have fresh vegetables like string beans or corn on the cob, if you are on a special diet, you have a hard time finding anything that's all right to eat.

With a good cafeteria style-service, you could provide not only food that students want to eat but food that is good for them. A healthier, happier student body would improve the athletic and academic standing of the school. I hope you will consider my recommendation. I would also like to suggest that you ask every student who will be going to the new high school to send in recommendations as well.


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