I, Khaled Khan, beheld that Vision and received this Voice

upon the Holy Hill of Sidi Bou Said, in the country now called

Tunisia, but from of old sacred with many sanctities.

Thus far it is permitted me to speak freely of that which

came to me in my long search for the True Wisdom; but to me in my

long search for the True Wisdom; but to declare the Mode of mine

Initiation, whereby I gained ingress to the Place called the

Temple of Truth (but by some Dar-el-Jalal) it is forbidden. Nor

may I disclose in what land that House is to be found, more

openly than to say: It is cut from the living rock of the middle

point of the summit of an high mountain apart, the range Jebel-


Now being brought after many days into a Place where Light

was, being shed through a carven screen of topaz, graved with a

Rose of nine-and-forty petals on a Greek Cross, from the Sun, and

that also at midnight, I found myself in the presence of a

certain aged man (for it was written that His days should be an

hundred and twenty years) who stood before a table of seven

sides, whereon were fire, and incense in a thurible, and bread.

Of these did he bid me partake; and they being consumed, he

took a phial of golden oil from their midst, and anointed mine

eyes, and mine ears, and my lips.

With that I was aware of the image of a God, severe and

noble of aspect, his spirit utterly calm, in his right hand a

sickle and in his left an hourglass. And as I looked upon him, he

reversed his wrist, for the last grain of sand was fallen


Then did my Instructer point with a little wand to a great

chart not wholly filled, and there came the shadow of a man's

hand, and drew the image of a Lion at the end of the writing.

Above this parchment, which was partly furled, was a square

tablet of white marble, on which, inlaid in gold, I read these

characters about the Image of an Eye within a radiant Triangle.

and this is, being interpreted, "The Great White Brotherhood."

Below was written: With Us Two Thousand Years is as One Day.

Then my Instructer showed me that the Brotherhood send forth

one of their fellows every two thousand years, bringing one Word

to serve Mankind as a new Formula of Magick, that it may take one

further step on the long road that leadeth to Perfection.

Also, twice in that period, that is, at intervals of a

little more than three, and a little less than seven, centuries,

they send a lesser prophet to prepare the Way of the next Word,

and to maintain or to restore the virtue of the Word then


And on the unfurled portion of the chart I read the names of

certain of these Brethren, and the Words as one was uttered after

the other. But some I could not read, because the characters were




After a great space (with few names and those illegible)


These were sent forth at the same time - and Dionysus under

several diverse forms - to enlighten Six Great Civilizations,

about to be drawn together by the opening up of communications

over the planet by the expansion of the Roman Power. After these

there stood almost alone the name:


But above that extract, the whole width of the chart, the word

I A O.

Then came a blackness over the whole map, for at one time

the Brotherhood had been nigh utterly destroyed by a Great

Sorcery of the Black Lodge, and the darkening of all Counsel, and

the confusion of all Truth.

I saw only one glimmer bare legible:


And at the end of the darkness, amid many names which I

could not read,


for his name was in letters of fire.

Did not the Order of the Temple prepare the Renaissance by fusing

the Mysteries of the East and West?

Then there burst out on a sudden a whiteness on the chart,

as if the stain had been expunged (albeit not wholly by the sweep

of steel) and this word writ in curving characters scimitar-sharp


Next was a name sore blurred:


with one writ in cipher ............. and in the centre of all,

within the emblem of a ruby rose of five petals upon a golden

cross was engraved:


(For so were the Brethren discreet to conceal his true name).

After whom came three names Great and Terrible that I write not

in this place. Lastly appeared this newly-writ hieroglyph of the

Lion, and the Name of that Brother was hidden from me. Then was I

shewn the Mystery of the Words: how in the first period of

recorded history men thought that life came from Woman alone, and

worked by the Formula of Isis, worshipping Nature chaste and

kindly, not understanding Death, or the Arcanum of Love.

So, when the time was ripe, appeared the Brethren of the

Formula of Osiris, whose word is I A O; so that men worshipped

Man, thinking him subject to Death, and his victory dependent

upon Resurrection. Even so conceived they of the Sun as slain and

reborn with every day, and every year.

Now, this great Formula being fulfilled, and turned into

abomination, this Lion came forth to proclaim the Aeon of Horus,

the crowned and conquering child, who dieth not, nor is reborn,

but goeth radiant ever upon His Way. Even so goeth the Sun: for

as it is now known that night is but the shadow of the Earth, so

Death is but the shadow of the Body, that veileth his Light from

its bearer.

Of this Prophet the Word is

THELEMA (spelled in Greek letters)

Many and marvelous are the mysteries of this Word, and of

the Numeration thereof! Nor may I declare them, save this the

simplest, for the sake of little children:

"Love is the law, love under will."

The chart was suddenly furled close, and mine Instructor

bade me turn: for there had come into that place a maiden like a

golden rose, with curling locks and ruddy, and her breasts were

of bright ivory, and her gait the gait of a young lioness.

Upon her brows flamed a Star Sapphire, and on her cheek was

a stark scar, a circle deep and splendid. In whose hands was a

writing; and smiling she put it into mine.

Now I knew not by what name to thank her for this courtesy:

which understanding, she told me:

"My name is The Star of the North."

And this was the Proclamation:


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

My Term of Office upon the Earth being come in the year of

the foundation of the Theosophical Society, I took upon myself,

in my turn, the sin of the whole World, that the Prophecies might

be fulfilled, so that Mankind may take the Next Step from the

Magical Formula of Osiris to that of Horus.

And mine Hour being now upon me, I proclaim my Law.

The Word of the Law is Thelema (In Greek letters.)

Given in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea

AN XX Sol in 3 Deg. Libra die Jovis

by me To Mega Therion (In Greek letters.)

Logos Aionos Thelema (In Greek letters.)

Having read these words with deep attention eleven times, I

besought mine Instructor (for the Maiden had returned to her

Master) that he would clear those things which were dark to my

weak understanding.

"In the Light of the Chart of the Work of the Brotherhood,"

I said, "the Will of the Master, and His Word, are made plain.

But of His hour I know not; and I tremble before the darkness of

this Mystery of Sin."

"Of his hour," answered my teacher, "it is easy to speak.

The Work of our Sister

Helena Petrowna Blavatsky

was inaugurated at the very season of the Birth on Earth of our

Brother the Master whose Word is Thelema, whose Name is yet

hidden under the form of a Lion. For it was most needful to

prepare His Way that He might proclaim His Law in every land that

is upon the surface of the Earth.

"And this work has been done by the Society founded to that